OCT 11 - 20
an event for Architecture, Graphic Design, Project Design and other design or creative fields
Bintaro Design District is a design event that sims to brigde Jakarta's creative worker with the public, espesially within the creative incubator that is Bintaro. The ordinary of this festival is self-initiated, with studies hosting their own event such as OPEN HOUSE and OPEN ARCHITECTURE. Other events like DESIGN TALKS and 1X1 EXHIBITION - events that encompass creative worker outside Bintaro and surrounding areas, are hold in the main venue where this festivalis centered. From architecture, grapihc design, interior design, product design and other design or creative fields. Bintaro Design District Festival connects the creative industry to the large public.
South Jakarta today has grown to become a center of design-related activities, due to the dialogue that's formed between its solid city structure and deverse denizens. The district's organic development started to adhere to design and lifestyle. One of the factors for its development is the continuous design exploration from architects, graphic designers, interior designers and artists that reside in Bintaro, on area that slowly grew into an incubator for Jakarta's creative thinkers. With the theme if "Permeable Society". Bintaro Design District Festival 2018 aims to create an open dialogue on design between creative workers in Bintaro and also the public.